Your brakes are one of the most crucial parts of your vehicle. From stopping on the road normally, to using your brakes when dangerous road conditions arise (icy roads, etc.) Your brakes should always be in top condition so that you can arrive safely to your destination.

Some of the most common symptoms of bad or warn brakes: Loud Noises (Not enough brake pad causes metal to metal grinding, which can be very dangerous). Pulsating of the Brake Pedal (When you need new brake pads for the front of your vehicle, a lot of times, when you hit the brake pedal it will kick back at your foot, and makes a sound similar to that of a galloping horse.)

Here at Ed's Auto Service, we have all of the tools to get your brake system in perfect working order. Not only can we fix your brake problems, but we can cut rotors right here in the shop, which saves YOU time and money. We promise to get the job done as fast, and more importantly as accurately as possible.

It's very important on today's vehicles to get the correct application on your brake system. There are many different pad materials and they are designed for a particular pad! Using substandard or a "different" material will cause many issues from just noisy to downright dangerous! We, at Ed's, only use OEM or higher grade parts, so not only do we warrant your brakes stop properly, we warrant all manner of brake problems including squeaks, groans & whistles!

As more manufacturers are recommending "Brake Flushing" on certain intervals, Ed's Auto, has purchased a "State of the Art" Snap-on flushing machine that is also capable of dealing with ABS systems. Brake fluid absorbs moisture which contaminates and decreases it's ability to handle heat and boiling temperatures properly. It also causes corrosion in your important brake components (master cylinder, calipers, ABS control valves, etc).

Flushing your brake system on a regular basis can save BIG DOLLARS on those expensive ABS controllers!